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Commercial Insurance in California

Businesses take a lot of time, energy, and money to run successfully, and business owners want to protect that investment. Also known as business insurance, commercial insurance is a practical way of protecting your business.

What is a commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance covers your business against claims made due to damages, loss, injury, and even death. Citywide United Insurance Services in El Centro, CA provides a comprehensive commercial insurance program that insures your business against claims made by the employees and the general public. Because every business is different, there's no one-size-fits-all commercial insurance for businesses. Below are the basic components of the commercial insurance.

Property insurance

Whether you own a manufacturing plant, a retail chain, or an ice cream joint, a property insurance program will insure your business and what is within it against fire, vandalism, theft, and destruction by certain natural events.

Employer's liability insurance

Whether you employ a single employee or have a dozen employees on your business premises, an employers' liability coverage is a minimum legal requirement that every employer should have. The coverage will insure your business against claims made by your employees in case of accidents or illness while working on your premises.

Public liability insurance

Accidents occur when you least expect them, and they can harm anybody, including clients. This is why you need a public liability insurance that will cover your business against any claims made by members of the general public. The policy covers personal injury, death, loss, or damage of property that occurs in connection with your business.

Professional indemnity

We believe that you're an expert in your trade; however, everybody makes a mistake. The professional indemnity protects your business against events such as financial losses, or lawsuits made against your business.

Getting the Right Deal

Whether you're well-aware of what you're looking for or you require assistance in selecting the ideal type of commercial policy, specialists at Citywide United Insurance Services in El Centro, CA are here to assist you.

You can get in touch with us today if you're looking for a quick, competitive, and comprehensive commercial insurance deal. Let our agents help you start a policy today.

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