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Condo Insurance in California

A condo is a real estate unit that you can own within a complex and is surrounded by other units and common areas such as a pool or a tennis court. Condos are growing in popularity. They provide an opportunity to live in an urban setting close enough to fun and desirable amenities while giving you an opportunity to associate with like-minded individuals.

A California condo usually doesn’t have a basement or a backyard, and you need not worry about lawn mowing or front walk shoveling. Consequently, condo insurance is different from home insurance. If you own a condo in California, rules can differ for various states or complexes, and it’s thus imperative to get the right information and ask the right questions to get the proper condo insurance coverage. Citywide United Insurance Services is located in El Centro, CA, so you can visit us and get a quote for your condo insurance, or give us a call and have your questions answered.

Condo Insurance: Factors to Consider

Let’s get started on some of the aspects you need to consider for condo insurance:

  • Review the condo master policy – the master policy will help you understand the parts of the complex to be insured through association and those you need to insure individually.
  • Membership deductible – Condo association insurance includes coverage for the shared units through association deductibles. Ensure you understand the terms of the association deductible.
  • What is the appropriate coverage? – After determining the parts you need to insure individually, you need to choose the right policy coverage. You can select a replacement coverage or cash-value coverage. Cash value covers only the value of the insured item while replacement coverage replaces the item.
  • Contents and structure coverage – ensure you cover both your content – electronic, jewelry, etc. and structure – flooring, lighting, cabinetry, etc.

Typically, condo insurance needs are unique. If you’re located in California, get in touch with Citywide United Insurance Services located in El Centro, CA for the right condo insurance guidance and coverage.

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