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Life Insurance in California

What would happen if you had a fatal injury or a medical condition that could result in permanent injury, maim you, make you unable to perform your daily tasks, or even cause death? Would your family or those who depend on you keep the home they've grown up in? Would your children be able to affords to go to college or a university? Would your family continue with their daily lives; even if you're not around to cater for their expense?

Citywide United Insurance Services in El Centro, CA knows death is a hard thing to think about. What debt you leave behind and the bills you take care of will be passed on to your loved ones and that can cause a financial burden on them. Life insurance can cater for those losses and pick your family back up and put them on their feet.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is protection against financial loss that would occur as a result of an untimely passing of the insured. In the event of death, the beneficiary in the policy receives compensation from the insurance company and is therefore safeguarded against the financial impact of the death of the insured.

The main aim of life insurance is to provide financial security in case you pass away. While life insurance cannot stop the risks from occurring, we can offer a variety of life insurance policies to fit your needs and situation.

Term life insurance

Just like the name suggests, term life insurance offers protection within a specific period or term. If the insured passes during the specified term, your beneficiaries are entitled to compensation. This policy can be renewed at the end of the term and can last from 5-30 years, typically.

The term life insurance option is a simple and modest program that offers flexibility, with regards to protection. A major benefit of term life insurance is that it allows the insurer to convert the policy to permanent insurance, regardless of your health, occupation, or lifestyle.

Permanent life insurance

Also known as whole life insurance, permanent life insurance covers you for your whole life. Unlike the latter, the whole life policy guarantees the beneficiaries compensation anytime, in case of your demise.

Life insurance is about making sure that the people you cherish most are taken care of after the worst happens. Citywide United Insurance Services Life Insurance prides itself for the selfless provision of unique life insurance programs that will suit your needs in California.

Citywide United Insurance Services in El Centro, CA has helped hundreds of families in California through the unexpected. Today, we are among the most trusted names in the insurance domain. Give us a call or visit our office, and learn how we can help in protecting your family.

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