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Motorcycle Insurance in California

Owning a motorcycle is a rewarding experience but protecting your bike with motorcycle insurance is often forgotten in most cases. At Citywide United Insurance Services in El Centro, CA, we take pride in providing you with the information and insurance options to fit your needs.

Importance of Motorcycle Insurance

When you are hitting the road at high speeds, you should be worried about the financial risks of an accident. We can provide you with the protection you need to relax and enjoy your ride. California offers a lot of beautiful places worth exploring, and a motorcycle is the best companion on such expeditions. By having an insurance policy, you are protected from fees incurred by damages caused to your bike, to other peoples vehicles, and to property. Motorcycle insurance can also cater for medical costs if you cause injuries in an accident.

Regular auto and motorcycle insurance

Most people assume that they can use their standard insurance coverage from their auto policy when using a motorcycle. This is a big mistake because it does not cover your bike adequately. The standard liability auto insurance for your vehicle is not tailored for a bike. You are legally required in California to show proof of insurance for your motorcycle.

Liability Insurance Coverage

In case of an accident, the liability insurance coverage will only cover the damages liable to you. It does not include your medical expenses or the loss of your bike. If you are interested in other options, then you need to look into a comprehensive or collision policy tailored specifically for your bike.

Always Cary proof of insurance

It is mandatory that you carry the insurance coverage with you every time you are on the road. When found without proof of insurance, your bike can be impounded by the authorities or you can be fined.

Other facts about motorcycle insurance:

  • It is smart to have underinsured coverage
  • In case of an accident without insurance, non-economic damages cannot be recovered.
  • Modified bikes are not covered by regular policies and need add-ons.

For in-depth knowledge on motorcycle insurance, please visit Citywide United Insurance Services in El Centro, CA. Our agents can help get the answers you need and walk you through the insurance process.

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