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Renters Insurance in California

Consider this, what would happen if your rental house was destroyed? What about if your personal belongings were vandalized or stolen? What options would you have in recovering the lost goods and how long would it take to recover from such setbacks? These are reasons why you should have renters insurance from a reliable firm such as the Citywide United Insurance Services in El Centro, CA.

Renters insurance is a convenient and easy way of covering your personal belongings and protecting yourself from injuries from calamities such as fire, water damage, theft, vandalism, or even injuries that may occur in your residence.

The renter's insurance also extends its hand and caters for expenses such as hotel accommodations if you need a place to stay before your home is repaired, and lawsuits and legal fees in the event that someone may sue you.

Personal property coverage

Think of everything that you own, from the TV, refrigerator, home furniture, and the decor, the value of your belongings can add up to a pretty high sum of money. A personal property policy helps in replacing your possessions that are damaged or stolen.

However, it's important to realize that the policy does not cover everything you own and some of your personal belongings, such as coin collection or jewelry, have limited coverage under the standard policy.

Therefore, it's vital that you create a home inventory that will help you in assessing the value of your personal property and also decide which are of the higher value that you should include in your policy.

Liability coverage

Accidents are bound to happen in a home; for instance, if a guest trips and falls over something in your house, you will be held responsible for catering to their medical bills. Also, if you're found legally responsible for causing other accidents, inflicting damage to others, or causing damage to their property, the liability coverage will protect you against paying out of pocket costs.

Living expenses

What would happen if the place you called home was razed to the ground by fire? Would you be able to afford to rent a modest California hotel to shield you during such a period? This is where the living expense policy comes into play; the policy ensures that you have a roof over your head, have meals, and everything that you would require in case you are not able to access your rental home.

Citywide United Insurance Services in El Centro, CA will provide you with a peace of mind knowing that you have a safety net in the event of disaster.

We aim at providing you with a fresh start in case anything happens to your rental. If you are a renter, you can find out more about our renter's insurance by giving us a call today or visiting our California offices.

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